Welcome to our new site! I am really excited about increased connectivity through a more significant web presence. We will be frequently updating our blog posts so check back often. There are many things that pop up during a typical week that we will now be able to keep you posted about. We are adding a church Facebook group so add your name to the list so you will get updates.

Out twitter feed is linked to the site as well so you should be able to join that as well. We will have testimonies and information, encouraging thoughts and listening/reading recommendations the sky is the limit. We must use all the tools at our disposal to encourage one another and stay connected as we go about our Father’s business, bearing the message to our community and around the world that God has made peace with us through the blood of His Son’s cross. How beautiful will be the feet (and typing fingers) of those who are appointed as ambassadors (that’s you) to carry news to the world that the war has been won, that Peace and reconciliation are in Jesus and that God is at work bringing people to Himself.

Let’s get to it…To Red Bud and Beyond!!!