A letter from Pastor Ben

Prayer Service for our community,

God hears us. It is so amazing to think that God who is being inundated with millions of prayers all around the world… hears us. Our Father cares for us and listens to us. He knows our needs yet still wants us to “pester” Him with our requests. He even wants us to ask with persistence. We have a kind Father. He is aware of our needs, yet He loves when we come and ask Him to help. We need His help.

God is already being gracious to us. It seems that there will not be as many layoffs at the power plant as was originally expected. This is a wonderful blessing, yet there are still several families in our community who will be losing their jobs soon. Others remain uncertain as to what the future holds. We should and we will cry out to Him. These trials serve to turn our eyes towards God and towards the people for whom we are called to be salt and light. We love Red Bud’s families and we want God’s provision and protection for them. So we will cry out.

Leaders from County Government, and the city of Red Bud, have agreed to be present with us Sunday morning. I have asked them to represent the community as we have a concert of prayer for them and for the area they represent. They have been very gracious and happy to participate. Please come and encourage others to not miss this special opportunity to express our love for the place where God has placed us.

We will pray for:

Families affected by changes at the power plant and the foundry

Provision for our community as a whole (City, Schools, County etc)

Our church that we will be aware and involved with our community and serve as a help station

We will thank God that He hears us, and confess that without Him hearing us we do not have the strength to meet our need. We are dependent on His grace.

I have invited several to join us and have had a good response. Please join me in making an extra effort to come, and bring others with you.

“… I called upon the LORD; to my God I cried for help. From his temple he heard my voice, and my cry to him reached his ears.” Psalm 18:6

I Love You, and I Love to Pray With YOU

Pastor Ben